Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with YTmax

  1. Getting started is simple with Our Website. Here is what you can do to start working with the YTMAX Website.
  2. GO ot and Signup for Free Acount
  3. Activate your account by following the instructions in the activation email
  4. After Activating the Email you will receive 1000 Bonus Credits which you can use for your Websites and Videos
  5. Now You can Login and choose between Your Videos(it is only for youtube videos) and Websites
  6. There are many ways to earn credits but the Main Two are Via Get More in members area and Using the YTMAX Windows Application which you can use it on your computer running for 24/7 and get the maximum credits.
  7. When in Your Videos click " Add new video " to add new YouTube video and put the characters after the "=" only.When in Your Websites you can click Add new Website and add your desired link or website
  8. All YouTube Videos are autoaproved when inserted into the system
  9. All Websites are NOT autoaproved when inserted into the system.They are going through REVIEW from Admin and after approval they go Live into rotaion.
  10. One credit equals to one visit to your video or website.But this does NOT mean that every credit means counted view to Your Youtube Video.
  11. One credit equals to one visit to your website though
  12. If you are tired using the Web Viewer or The Ytmax Application you can always buy more credits or purchase PREMIUM acount.If YOU are looking for custom package let us know .

What Browsers do you recommend using for the YTMAX.COM system?

Google Chrome browser work perfectly fine with YTMAX but if you are experiencing technical difficulties, we recommend trying contact us with any question.With other browser you mey find problems such as New Windows opened everytime.We are working on that and after next update/upgrate on the system will be solved.

Why nothing happend when Earn Credits its pressed?

Make sure that all pop-ups are turned off.For now Ytmax is using Chome as default browser for earning credits .When the second windows is opened and no popup loaded please check top right at the browser for "x" .If yes click it and choose allow the popup .

Can I transfer credits to someone elses account?

Credits transfering between user accounts we do not allow.

Can I view using proxies?

No.YTMAX Do Not Allow Using Proxies in any way when using YTMAX APPLICATION or Website Viewer.

Can I run multiple instances of the web viewer or YTMAX Application?

Right now only once instance of the web viewer and the YTMAX application can be used per account/ip.

I added new video but im not getting any views what is happening and what should i do?

Dont worry!The video needs 12-24 hours before all of the members start seeing your video.

What do i need to be able to run the YTMAX APPLICATION on my computer?

All you need is virus free computer ,internet connection and .net Framework with version from 2.0 atleast Installed on your computer to be able to use the App.If any problems please dont hasitate to report any problem!

Mey i ask for refund?

Yes.You can ask for refund depending of the packet bought and credits left .We will calculate the credits left and you can get partial refund between 7-14 days. Becouse of the nature (intangible goods) we do not provide refunds towards paypal.We can provide refill and youtube views delivered are covered by 14 days replacement guarantee.Somitimes more time is required for the refill becouse of force major circumstances.

If i delete Video /Website or link do i get my credits back?

Yes .The credits are automatically refunded to your acount.

Where can we contact you?

You can contact us at [email protected] [email protected] skype :ytmaxcom Or through members contact form:

Can i have multiple acounts?

No. Only one account per household(IP). We can detect cheaters and their account will be deleted without any notice!

What is Initial Views?

Initial Views are the views of the YouTube video when it is entered into YTMAX.

I made a payment using eCheque but why has the credits not assigned to my account or my bought service not started yet?

In case you've made an eCheque payment using PayPal, points will be assigned to your account once the payment is cleared or/and your bought service will be delivered once the eCheck got cleared. It usually takes about 4-5 days for an eCheque payment to get cleared.

My website or video has been removed from ymax !.Why?

This is how our system works.
We provide enough time user to login ,earn credits and keep the videos into the system.Otherwise the following will happend
1.Number of days of inactivity before making videos on-hold - 14days
2.Number of days of inactivity before the email notification is sent to the user - 7days
3.Number of days of videos without credits before the notification email is sent to the user - 7days
4.Number of days of videos without credits before the videos are removed. -30days

An error occurred. Please notify admin!

If you see this message you can clear your cache and cookies and try again or if doesnt work you can contact us at [email protected]

Multiple Viewers Policy

You are allowed to use/run Multiple Viewers, each of the aditional viewers must be used with different IP address. In order to have Multiple IPs you can use Proxys, VPN or VPS.


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