(1) What is this site?
This site is a Social Exchange and here you can increase your Website Traffic and Popularity.

(2) What are coins?
The coins are points received from your activity with other users.

(3) How can I earn Money?
You can earn $0.10 Per Active Referral, With a $10.00+ Minimum Payout.

(4) What can I do with coins?
You can exchange them for Website Traffic and Social Presence.

(5) How I can earn coins?
You will earn coins for every exchange from you, to our users.

(6) Can I buy coins?
Yes, you can buy coins. Click on "Buy coins" on the sidebar, for more info.

(7) How does the Activity Points System Work?
For every click you perform, You gain Activity points and bonus coins. As your Activity level raises, so does the amount of bonus coins you receive per click.

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